AMON (meaning ”the hidden one” or ”invisible”, from the ancient egyptian God of the Sun, Amun-Ra) is an art collective, since 2015 run by artist, philosophical practitioner and art educator Adam Wallenberg. Mediums used are video, dialogue, text, sculpture and digital collage.

AMON work with collective, sometimes neo-Socratic explorations of philosophical, existential, political and spiritual themes such as immateriality, meaning, dissonance, inter-subjectivity, ecology, destructivity, proximity, re-sacralization, democracy and existential sustainability. Often the art works are in themselves an immaterial, organic process of movement, that sometimes leaves us with questions, thoughts and other materia to continue to contemplate on. An example of this kind of immaterial, process work is ”The Art Museum as a Cathedral” (2015-2016) at Moderna Museet (Museum Museum) which later evolved into the group exhibition ”FÖRSTÅELSEHORISONTER” at Gallery Detroit (2016). Recently AMON both participated as artist and curated the swedish pavillion for the premier of the ’Sacred Arts Frstival’ in Senlis, France (2019) and joined for a duo-show together with Jessica Eldenstjärna called ”Primordial Shapes / Re:Sacralization!” at Galerie Metanoia in Paris (2019). For these latest two projects the stained glass window, digitalization and ”the sacred” has been explored.

AMON is inspired by ’Neo-Concrete’ art, in the sense that it is concrete, existential and phenomenological. A source of inspiration is found in artists such as Joseph Beuys and his idea of “social sculpture”. It’s about integrating art in Life and Life in art as something Real. The artworks are therefore often based on some kind of method, dialogue or participation (such as philosophical dialogue for a concrete thinking) and in general ’transcendental Life-practices’ concerned with our personal and inter-subjective ’being-in-the-world’. Working as a philosophical practitioner with socratic dialogue in the public space has also been important, in such formats as ”philosophy cafés” at libraries in Stockholm, ”philosophizing with Art” together with children, teenagers and young adults at moderna museet or ”street philosophy” (See ”TIME-SPIRIT QUESTIONS”, 2018-).