I have since 2013 worked with "philosophical practice",  focusing on philosophizing with groups through philosophy with children, socratic dialogue, phenomenology, hermeneutics and existential philosophy in dialogue with children and teenagers. I have worked in schools, focusing on art and philosophy as well as with courses or camps or in different art projects (like www.demografik.se or ”the art museum as cathedral” at moderna museet), as well as with adults in workshops and philosophical cafés in Stockholm.

My main interests in philosophical practice is currently revolving around: existential dimensions of Life such as meaning, "existential health", Socratic vs Nietzschean dialogue, developing methods and theory on "philosophizing with art" (PwA), existential sustainability, wisdom, virtue ethics, democracy, Michel Henry and phenomenology of authenticity, getting philosophizing into the swedish school system and so called "contemplative practice". I am continuously questioning and exploring the value, methods and theory behind the practice itself and it's place in the 21st century.


Publications and media:

* Article about philosophy café in Segeltorp, by Silan Celik read it here (swedish) 2018 * Talk at the Philosophy festival 2018 (theme: Borderlands) with Patricia Mindus (Philosopher) and Paula Urbano (artist) listen here
* The Philosophy Clinic (anthology), interviewed by Dr Stephen Costello. Read more here about the book
* An essay called "What is the meaning of philosophizing with art?" (swedish), artist Mona Peterssons website
* Interviewed about "The Art museum as a Cathedral" by Sofia Wrangsjö for her website (swedish), link here
* An essay about philosophizing with art in the exhibition Klee/Aguéli (swedish), 2016, link here
* Interviewed by the magazine "Opsis barnkultur" about philosophizing at Moderna Museet, 2015
* Interview on P1 radio together with Maria Taube on art education and philosophizing with children in the exhibition "Reality Machines" by Olafur Eliasson at Moderna Museet, 2015 link here
* Interviewing Philosophical practitioner Sofia Wrangsjö (swedish), 2015, link here
* Interview for Philo Agora 2014 by Michael Weiss,  
* Interview in the magazine Modern Filosofi about philosophizing at the pre-school Filosofiska, 2014, link here
*Filosofiska rummet, radio program, ”philosophy outside the academia” a talk with Claes Hultling, Ann Lagerström and Jonna Bornemark listen here (in swedish) 2014

Upcoming projects and events:

Art and Philosophy course for teenagers, tuesdays 17:00-19:00 at Moderna Museet (still some spots left!) starts 17 read more here

Philosophical dialogue (日本語) through Zoom, fridays for the future. What is Truth, Wisdom and Love?

Active projects:

* ”Demografik 2.0”, art and philosophy project for children and teenagers, (2018- ) read more here about Demografik 1.0 (website for 2.0 coming, but look at Instagram!)
* Art education and philosophizing with art (PwA) at Moderna Museet, 2015-
* Philosophy café project leader, a collaboration between the Swedish Society for Philosophical Practice and ABF Stockholm to spread philosophical cafés in Sweden and develop the practice, 2016-
* Philosophy studies, Södertörn university, Stockholm, 2012-
* Philosophical cafés at Bagarmossens bibliotek, Huddinge bibliotek, Skogås bibliotek and Vårby bibliotek (and others) 2016-, check out dates here
* The Philosophy club, philosophizing with children 13-18, Stadsbiblioteket Stockholm, 2017-, info here

Previous projects, workshops, talks and experience:

Course in philosophy and painting (age 12-14) based on Sharon Hayes exhibition, at moderna museet, 17-20/6 2019

”Demografik 2.0” philosophy and art workshops (age 16-19), Säter 24-26/6 2019

Philosophy and Art camp for teenagers (age 13-19) at Kulturfyren, Skeppsholmen, 12-15/8 2019

*Talk with Claes Hultling at Almedalsveckan about philosophical practice in society today 3/7 2019 read more here

*Talk with artists and designers Kristina Schultz and Johan Lindberg at RIAN designmuseum about ”art and technology, future design paradigms”

* Catalogue text ”Should we have hope for the future? A philosophical perspective” for the exhibition ”A new designparadim” read more here

* Artist talk and workshop (eng/jap) on “existential vacuum and Re-sacralization” at the symposium “L’ Art comme accès à l’absolu”, the Sacred arts festival in Senlis, read more
* Vice president, the Swedish society for Philosophical practice, 2015-2018
* "Philosophizing with Art", keynote speaker, the Nordic conference for philosophical practice spring 2018 in Oslo, read more about the conference here
* Teacher, Introduction to Philosophical practice with Lars Hammer for the Swedish Society for Philosophical Practice, 2-day course in Stockholm, 2017, 2018 and 2019 read more here
* ”Socratic dialogue about Norm-critique”, the program of Industrial design at Konstfack University of Arts, Craft and Design, spring 2018 and 2019
* ”Philosophizing on Identity and Design”, a workshop for students at Malmstenskolan/Linköping university, program for furniture studies, 2017 and 2018

* Philosophy talks about art and design at Gallery Open-ended, Stockholm, 2016-2018

* Founder of NEX (Network for Existence and Health) together with Ann Lagerström, Magnus Hyltefors and Carin Falkner, a part of SEPT, 2017-, info here
* Board member, Society for Existential Psychotherapy, 2015-2017, read more here
* "Philosophizing with dissonance: a Nietzschean approach to philosophical dialogue?", keynote speaker, the Nordic conference for philosophical practice, Stockholm 2016
* "Existential perspectives in Art: Olafur Eliasson", at the 10th anniversary conference of the Society for Existential Psychotherapy in Sweden, Moderna Museet 2015
* Arranging the Philosophy Festival at ABF-huset in Stockholm, 2015-2018
* Philosophy teacher, Internationella gymnasiet Uppsala, 3 semesters 2015-2016
* Management by Art, workshop 2015 at Moderna Museet
* Filosofiska förskolan, working with philosophy in the preschool with children (3,5-5 years old) and developing the practice, 2013-2015
* Filosofiska Nepal, working 1 month with philosophy with children, Kathmandu, 2013

Art education:

I have since 2014  worked with dialogue guiding together with children and young adults as well as artistic workshops based on exhibitions at Moderna Museet by artists such as Gabriel Orozco, Louise Bourgeois, Olafur Eliasson, Ivan Aguéli, Thomas Schütte, Paul Klee, Hilma af Klint, Öyvind Fahlström, Hito Steyerl, Sharon Hayes, Louise Nevelson, Georg Baselitz, Marina Abramović, Yayoi Kusama, Etel Adnan, Adrian Villar-Rojas, Francesca Woodman, Nils Dardel and Georges Adéagbo.


* Web resources for philosophizing with children and young (swedish): website here
* Swedish society for philosophical practice: website here
* Art education and philosophizing with art, Moderna Museet: website here